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4/8/2012 9:25:33 AM “Tapco” and “GTG” should really never be used in the same sentence. If it were me I would never use a plactic or polymer anything in regards to an optics mount. I’ve used the aluminum versions of what you’re talking about and they worked great, and didn’t mar the anozizing. TheBigStink 4/8/2012 9:27:49 AM I wouldn’t trust plastic for a scope mount, I think you would have zeroing and repeatability issues and if it breaks you could lose your optic. I bought the gun in the subject line and in order to put a Beryl folder on it I have to add one more US part. I bought a tapco AK-47 Accessories74 brake and when I unscrewed the one on the gun it looked like TGI had taken the original threads and installed a huge bushing then screwed on their own 74 brake to the bushing. Am I okay to take the bushing off legaly? How do I remove it? Will the threads under the bushing match the tapco break? Will the detent that keeps the brake from unscrewing line up correctly on the tapco break. Thanks 1MRBEAN

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